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"It's hard to describe what Theresa's professionalism, and  kindness, has meant to me.  It's like she's helping to uncover a part of me that was lost within all of the clutter.  She made me see that it's actually possible to get my house in order again, and she did it with kindness and skill, she's given me hope--and that's a pretty solid gift."

Charlottesville, VA

"Theresa is absolutely incredible at what she does. She helped me downsize (by 1/2!) when I moved to my current place in Belmont and then, again, when I was swimming in boxes having trouble finding places for things.

Theresa was excellent at helping me envision the feeling and use of a room in order to make decisions about what went where and what to keep. She also asks really great questions about the items I was deciding whether to keep so that I can make up my mind. When she suspects that I'm holding onto something that I don't really want or need, she isn't afraid to ask hard questions and she always, always, accepts my final answer. 

Working with her on de-cluttering (and downsizing) is truly easy and joyful. Theresa is super respectful of the specific routines and needs of her clients and she makes the hard work of dealing with stuff so much easier. I hope others will be lucky enough to catch her."

Charlottesville, Virginia

"This project would have been overwhelming without Theresa's help and direction.  She was right at my elbow handing me more boxes and smiling as she encouraged the purge.  I found working in a cold & moldy basement not so bad, as she came up with so many positive solutions to make downsizing easier.  My husband and I both find life easier since Theresa has brought her organizing to us.  She's an amazing angel of organizing - patient, thoughtful, environmentally concerned as she repurposes and reuses everything!  Or knows a place where it goes, not in a landfill.

Gigi & John
Charlottesville, Virginia

"I have had the privilege of working with Theresa on many occasions for the past four years. In fact, I would have worked with her more, if my budget allowed, and certainly hope to do so again.

She has helped me organize files, possessions and life itself. Her gentle manner is combined with strength, focus and discipline. 

She hears you, she sees you, and she helps you achieve results you likely thought were impossible.

Theresa aptly named her business Care to Organize. She really does care and she really does organize, transforming space and improving life."

Ivy, Virginia

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