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While working as a Senior Caregiver, Theresa Marie often found herself helping to organize the homes of her clients and their families. Her passion for organizing and compassion for others, combined with a desire to create a positive, lasting impact on the clients she serves, led her to establish Care to Organize.


Well aware of the emotional toll that often accompanies such projects, her empathetic nature allows for a safe, judgment-free environment to declutter & organize her clients' homes. Together with her clients, she creates routines to simplify daily tasks and develop long-term systems to remain organized.


Her diverse clientele includes the elderly, busy families, professionals, and teens/young adults. Theresa's personal and professional experience addressing the specific needs of those with ADHD (in any of those groups) is both enjoyable and rewarding.


It brings her great joy to see her clients' relief and renewed energy when the project is complete. Lifting the burden of clutter is like a weight-loss program for the mind.

ADHD organizer sedona


Theresa knows and asks the pertinent questions to assist clients in deciding what to keep and what to let go of. This process is highly effective and aids in maintaining the clutter-free space. Over 6 months after the completion her home organization, a client recently texted that an unexpected visitor stopped by and "I wasn't ashamed, I was excited to invite her in!" This lasting change and customer satisfaction is how we define success.

Hear what other clients have said.

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